A Little Update

A Little Update

Hello to all my friends out there! I don’t know what it’s looking like where you are, but spring is alive and well in Colorado; the birds are chirping, farmers are working their fields, temperatures are warmer, and brown grass is turning green. If you know me at all, you probably know that I love winter, so spring isn’t normally too exciting to me. However, this year it feels like exactly right!

Big things have been happening in my world. Big, challenging, exciting things! I’ll do my best to summarize instead of boring you with too many details. You all know that I’ve been at In Motion Ministries for several months –I began here as Team Coordinator. This position involves various things, but the main purpose is to prepare team members for serving on the mission field. I enjoyed working in this capacity, but I am also excited to announce that my role is changing! Instead of working directly with the trip planning department, I will now be focused on marketing for IMM. In this position, I get to help more people find out that they CAN be used by God! It is a privilege and an exciting endeavor as I will be learning lots!

The “learning” theme continues –I’ve also been attending school this semester and am on my way to finally finishing my bachelor’s degree! After I finished my associate’s degree, I decided to take a short break until I knew which degree I wanted to pursue. The process to beginning school again was slightly uncertain. I even started classes almost a week into the semester, but the process was covered in God’s guidance! I was primed to learn and, consequently, it has been an enormous joy!

Sometimes things aren’t exactly clear or certain until you’re looking back on them. In this season of my life, it seems almost nothing is clear or certain until I’m looking back on it. But as I’ve been seeking Father God for step after step, I’m recognizing that each step is divinely guided –as such, I don’t always need the clarity or certainty in that moment. The only certainty I need is that of God’s hand directing my attention exactly where it needs to be in that single moment. And that is okay.

I’m learning what full-time ministry looks like, I’m learning deeper levels of trust, and I’m learning how to utilize these truths in spreading the Good News of Christ! So thank you to everyone who is walking with me through this process. You are a blessing and a gift, and I hope you’re excited to be a part of this ministry!

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