Full-Sail into Full-time Ministry; All Right!

Full-Sail into Full-time Ministry; All Right!

Full-Time Ministry. This is what I’ve been waiting for; working for. And here I am. Is it everything I dreamed of? No, not yet anyway. Is it incredible? Absolutely. And the most exciting and challenging part thus far: the circumstantial necessity to trust Father God.

As Christians we are called to trust God entirely with our existence. In everything. No matter what. If we are honest, we would all confess that we don’t always trust God entirely with our existence.

The thrill of full-time ministry for me currently is the fact that I HAVE TO trust God. You see, ministry isn’t exactly a money maker. In fact, living a life of vocational ministry reverses everything we know about providing for ourselves. Especially in our Western mindset.

We expect that every capable human being should have the wherewithal to take care of themselves. Instead, I’m having to rely on my family in Christ to take care of me so that I can take care of others. I can’t say I’m always particularly fond of this concept. Regardless, this is what He called us to, and this is what He promises to provide for. I cannot escape it.

Aside from the effort I can put in with my own human resources –of which I have very few–, I am completely reliant on Father God. Literally. So rather than counting this as a stress or an obstacle, I am choosing to count it as a gift. I am expecting my boundaries of trust to grow in the process. And I fully expect to see God prove Himself faithful.

Here we go.

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